Project Designer, Business Enabler, Event Industry game changer,
Conflict Manager.

We work with human intelligence; project and business development.

Our background lies in event industry and presence in boosting business, event industry and media development and helping companies with designing their projects.

Owners of New Work have worked with numerious great companies and events like:
Stream Startup Festival, Superson+Rovio, Lux Helsinki, Slush, Dare to Learn, PING Helsinki, Tuska Festival, Digital Silver, Stream Festival.

Some events and companies we have recently worked with


You will find us from Helsinki
Annankatu 29 a 28, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Strategist / Co-Founder Jonna Herranen Strategist / Co-Founder +358 400 760 010
Creative Executive / Co-Founder / CEO Kati Kuusisto Creative Executive / Co-Founder / CEO +358 44 338 0005

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